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See you later Athens…Paros here we come

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Tuesday, October 11

I am currently sitting on the upper deck of the ferry as we are on our way to Paros…and I am oh so excited! Athens was great, but I am ready to soak in all the scenery these two little islands have to offer.

Right now is the great debate: do I continue attempting to type, or do I head inside and try to nap? Yet again I did not get anywhere near a great night of sleep, and I am really hoping this next hotel can help deliver that. Last night I conked out right away (although not until 11:30 when I finally shut the light off). Then after what felt like hours, but in reality was less than an hour, my shower decided to spontaneously start dripping and woke me up 🤦🏽‍♀️ There went another hour of my life spent not sleeping. Ah yes, and this is all made harsher by the fact that my alarm was set for 4:20. I most certainly feel a vacation from my vacation may be in order when I get home. But enough of that crazy talk of home!

The minibus was loaded and we were on the way to the Port of Piraeus around 6. When I envisioned us taking a “ferry” to the islands, my mind went to all the books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen where they hop on some smaller little over packed boat. But then yesterday Pascale started talking about our assigned seats….hmmmm?? And then we got to the port and ummmm…this is like a full on cruise ship where they were driving trucks onto it. 🤯🤯

After dumping my bag at my seat, I opted to head to the upper deck to watch the sunrise as we were leaving - best decision!! It was so beautiful and I am looking even more forward to sunrises and sunsets on the islands. But alas I am starting to freeze out here, and I am in need of food (somehow that banana and granola bar aren’t really doing anything for me). So time to go….I’ll catch ya from Paros 😀


Well sadly I did not catch ya from Paros as I am currently on the ferry leaving and heading to Naxos (and subsequently in my room in Naxos later that night). It has been a busy whirlwind of fabulous Greek Isle sights with no time to type about it.

Anyhoo, our ferry arrived without incident. Oh wait, that is inaccurate. There was some sort of medical event where they eventually called for a doctor on board, but we never did hear what exactly happened. Our group arrived without incident though, so really, that’s all that matters.

But the ferry trip was nothing compared to the arrival into port. Let’s just say that is an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Pascale made sure all of our luggage was contained together as it can be kinda chaotic when getting off. Ummm…chaotic is one way to describe it. It’s not even busy season so I cannot imagine what that looks like! I think the best description was someone referring to it as we may have been storming the beaches of Normandy or getting ready to go save private Ryan.

It started with us each trying to claim our bags and keep everyone else out of our little cluster. I felt bad for the poor kid who had Pascale on one side telling him to back up and his mom on the other yelling to get in there and quit letting people in front of him. From there we stood in front of the giant ramp doors waiting for them to be lowered. I couldn’t figure out why people were pulling out cellphones to film this arrival. That is until the buzzers and horns started going off and it was just loud and crazy everywhere. As the doors lowered, I thought we were parked and there was a boat ahead of us moving. Oh no, our back end was still being swung into place. I think I still have PTSD from that scene that I cannot even begin to fully describe.

After we got off, it became a game of ‘what did you see coming off the ferry?’ The semis, the backhoe, the produce truck? Just crazy. Our mini bus was ready and waiting to whisk us off to Paros Agnati, the gorgeous hotel which would be our home for the next two nights.


Pulling up, it looked just like all the whitewashed buildings with blue roofs and accents everyone expects to see in Greece. But as there are building restrictions, it is not some giant high rise, but more of a complex with buildings spread out and every room having a patio with a gorgeous view overlooking the Sea. By the time we arrived, most all of the rooms were ready. And wouldn’t ya know it, my number 67 was thee absolute last one to be finished up 🤦🏽‍♀️😢 I was able to admire the view and walk around the lobby and restaurant patio area, but all I wanted to do was get those sneakers off, change into my bathing costume, and head to the sunshine! When finally at long last it was done, I hopped on the golfcart with the luggage deliverer, none other than the dreamy looking Greek Thanos.

I think I gasped and almost fell over when I saw the view from the patio. The room itself was pretty nice too. But alas there was sunshine calling my name! Bathing costume in place, I walked to the pool and found some people to walk down to the Aegean Sea with. The water was pretty chilly so no swimming, just walking along with our feet in. Then back to hang by the pool for a bit. But again too chilly to swim.


Then it was time to get ready as we were all heading to Moraitis family vineyard for a tour and wine tasting. With the extensive winds the island gets, they have had to adapt their growing. From the moment you arrive to the island and see the trees half bent over in one direction, it’s clear where the harshest winds come from. So in the vineyards, grapes are planted with that in mind. From the direction the rows are planted in to growing them low to the ground instead of on trellised vines, it’s quite the process. The vineyard we were at has 37 acres of certified organic produce (besides grapes there are pomegranates and lemons and limes). The grape varietal is one that is pretty much only grown on Naxos. The tour was very interesting, but better still was sitting down for the tasting.


So many delicious bites and all worked to enhance the tasty wines we tried. The room was filled with conversation and laughter, and I would venture to say a fabulous time was had by all. There was a charcuterie board, a bruschetta with sardines (which most of my table chose to have swim off our bread - way to go Chris for eating yours!), roasted chick peas, souvlaki, and a chocolate nut dessert. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Leela - the dog next door that somehow shows up every time there is a tasting and goes table to table begging. She’s adorable, albeit rather on the portly side 🤣


From the winery, a lot of us decided to be dropped off in the center of town. Pascale gave us a quick tour around some of the major sites, then set us free to roam. These were the twisty little whitewashed and cobblestone streets of Greek fantasies. We did some wandering and shopping and photo snapping, making our way til 10:15 when the hotel shuttle made its last pickup. As we were standing around waiting, the consensus was that our sunrise over Athens that morning felt like it was about 6 weeks ago. Yet another exhaustingly wonderful day.


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